The Experience to Succeed

Ted Loring is running for Treasurer of the California Association of Realtors. Here's why he is the best choice


CAR needs a Treasurer committed to increasing professionalism.

Loring is a recognized promotor of the Code of Ethics and leads the development of NAR’s Commitment to Excellence.

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CAR needs a Treasurer who knows strategic planning.

Loring has helped about 50 organizations chart a course into the future during the last decade. 


CAR needs a Treasurer who can help directors  deal with difficult decisions.

Loring has led a wide range of committees, trusts, PACs, PAGs, work groups and task forces.



CAR needs a Treasurer who is a Realtor Party activist

Loring has a long history as an advocate on Realtor issues… locally, state wide and in Washington DC.

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Making Change

CAR needs a Treasurer who can break through the inertia of the status quo. 

Time and again, CAR and NAR leaders have tagged Loring to find solutions to the most challenging issues facing the associations.  Inman acknowledged some of Loring’s contributions by naming him one of The Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in 2011.

Realtor Data

CAR needs a Treasurer who understands the value of Realtor data. 

Loring has been at the heart of state and national efforts to build structures that capitalize on the value of Realtor data and simplify member access.  



CAR needs a Treasurer….who has a life

Loring is as committed to community, family and fun as he is to Realtor service.


Ethical, Professional

For decades, member surveys have documented REALTOR dissatisfaction with the professionalism of some of our peers.  Fixing that problem has been one of Loring’s long term passions.  He has

  • Chaired Professional Standards Committees at CAR and NAR
  • Served on NAR’s Interpretations Advisory Board for more than a dozen years, helping to adapt the Code of Ethics to the reality of the internet, ‘coming soon’ and other challenges. 
  • Now serves as leadership on NAR’s Commitment to Excellence Advisory Board a new initiative that promises to build a member service platform like none we’ve ever seen before.  
  • Worked on the revision of NAR’s quadrennial ethics training requirement and
  • Serves as a local mediator.

National Experience, National Connections


Loring chaired CAR’s strategic planning committee in 1986. Since then he has helped dozens of state and local REALTOR associations to build a plan for their own future.  Clients range from Maine to Hawaii. They have been as small as the Techachapi Area Association and as large as NAR itself.  Across the country, REALTORS and association executives know Ted for his insight and facilitation skills. It would be hard to find anyone with a stronger skill set to lead CAR’s planning process.  


Eyes on the Future

The once-cozy world of local MLSs has changed a lot same since the disruptive advent of the internet.  Public websites have claimed consumer attention. Organized real estate has struggled to retain control of its data, while looking for ways to better serve REALTORS ….and the general public.  

Loring has been at the heart of the storm, working at CAR and NAR to define effective responses.

  • Loring chaired the Property Information Task Force for CAR, a group charged with developing a peer-to-peer backstop, a system which could be implemented if regulatory or business challenges scuttled traditional MLS structures. 
  • Loring chaired the task force that encouraged the CAR Board of Directors to adopt a policy favorable to the formation of a statewide MLS.  
  • Loring worked on the NAR PAGs and workgroups that lead to creation of RPR. 
  • Loring was the founding chair of NAR’s Data Strategies Committee which was charged with figuring out how NAR would deal with Big Data.  
  • Loring chaired the IDX PAG at NAR, a group charged with resolving a popular revolt over new MLS rules giving franchises direct access to IDX data.

An early lesson for Loring was that he had to Get into politics…or get out of business. He took it to heart and has been active in virtually all phases of policy and political practice.  He has…

  • Led both CREPAC and IMPAC,
  • Chaired CAR’s Legal Action Fund Trustees and served on NAR’s Legal Action Committee,
  • Chaired policy committees including Federal Issues, Taxation, Housing Affordability and Governmental Finance, 
  • Served as Federal District Coordinator for Congressman Mike Thompson,
  • Chaired the task force that recommended the ‘two track – two tiered’ structure that guides the operations of CAR’s policy committees establishes their relationship to the Federal and Legislative Committees, and 
  • Co-chaired a local political action committee that successfully defeated a local rent control initiative. 

Loring’s record includes service on a wide range of policy committees:

CAR Public Policy Forum Conventional Finance and Lending Equal Opportunity - Cultural Diversity
Federal Taxation Governmental Affairs Home Ownership Housing
Housing Investment Housing Land Use, Property Rights and Environmental Committee
Legislative Local Governmental Relations Northern California Caucus
Political Affairs Property Management Public Policy Forum
Real Estate Finance Realtor-Consumer Protection Realtors Active In Politics

Leadership at CAR – and NAR – has consistently called on Loring whenever a challenge required more than the usual amount of brainpower to solve.  He has chaired or served on a long list of PAGs, task forces and work groups which were set up to chart a path through new or thorny issues.  He has been one of the worker bees pushing the evolution of REALTOR associations to adapt to a changing environment…and better serve their members. 

Loring's record of service as a change agent at CAR:

CAR Committee Position Activities
Affordable Housing Task Force Chair Building a place for affordable housing policy in the CAR structure
Board/Region Structure Task Force Member Assessing CAR's regional structures
Busines Services Task Force Member Assessing CAR's role in business services
Calfornia MLS Board of Directors Chair Founding director for CAR's statewide MLS initiative
Charitable Foundation Task Force Chair Revisiting CAR's commitment to giving
Committee Structure Task Force Chair Comprehensive resturing of CAR's legislative committees
Endorsement Policy Task Force Member Setting CAR's endorsement policy
Johnson Initiative Task Force Member Defining CAR's relationship to the initiative
Long Range Planning Chair six years service, including one year as chair
MLS Governance Work Group Chair Defining CAR's policy and strategy for a statewide MLS
MLS Working Group Member Digging deep in the structure of MLS and CAR's role
NAR Director Selection Work Group Member Revising the NAR director selection process
Organizational Review TasK Force Member Reviewing the volunteer operational structue
PAC Funding Work Group Vice-chair Setting strategies for funding politics
Property Information/MLS Task Force Chair Building a peer-to-peer back up for MLS
Rent Control - Prop 10 Task Force Member Defining CAR's response to Proposition 10
Special Taxation Task Force Member Assessing CAR's policy on taxation
Split Roll Task Force Member Devising a response to pending legislative issues
Trust/PAC Review Task Force Member Revisiting the roles and relationships of CAR's trusts and PACs

There is a comparable, if somewhat shorter, record of service at NAR:

NAR Committee Position Activities
BPO Work Group Member Resolving a conflict with appraisers over standards for BPOs
Code of Excellence PAG Member Turning the BOD motion from an exaction to a member benefit
Commitment to Excellence Advisory Board Vice Chair Developing a program to really increase professionalism
Data Strategies Committee Chair Recommending how NAR might use Big Data
Elections PAG Member Revising election proceedures, giving the directors the vote
Gateway PAG Member Looking at the future of MLS
IDX PAG Chair Resolving a conflict between brokers and franchises over IDX policy
Member Structures Review PAG Member Digging deep into the rights and responsibliities of the various membership classes
MLS of the Future PAG Member Looking at the future of MLS
Virtual Membership Assocation PAG Member Assessing strategies for using technology to better serve members

Loring has served in just about every role available to volunteer leaders…short of elective office. He has been a liaison and on the Executive committee as well as chairing or vice chairing a wide range of committees.  All told, he has logged forty leadership/years of service at CAR and eleven at NAR.

CAR leadership positions include:

Award Selection Committee Federal Issues Committee Federal Issues Committee
Board President's Committee Board President's Committee Property Information/MLS Task Force
Charitable Foundation Task Force Landlord and Tenant Committee Property Management Division
Committee Liaison Legal Action Trustees Regional Chair
Regional Chair Long Range Planning Speakers Bureau
CREPAC Trustees MLS Governance Work Group Taxation & Governmental Finance Committee
Editorial Advisory Committee Nominating Committee Taxation Committee